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Foreign Exchange Lessons - ArticleCube

11 Nov 2012 19:37

On the earth of Foreign Exchange, the less knowledgeable you are the more luck performs its part. And luck as a rule favors the well prepared. If you soar into Forex without enough learning, you're setting yourself up for some critical disappointment.

Earlier than you start out as a trader in the Forex market, do your self a big favor and get some primary education in Forex trading first. Enrolling in/buying a Forex Program is usually one of the only ways to go. If you put yourself by some high quality schooling by means of a good Foreign exchange Program, you can be each more sensible and confident before you begin your Forex buying and selling activities.

Foreign exchange trading has many facets to it. You must be sure that the Foreign exchange Course you're enrolling in covers those aspects. As a tough information, a great Foreign exchange Classes ought to train the following common features in Forex trading:

1 . Create a exchanging system to handle trades
2 . Figuring out excessive likelihood entry and exit point
3. Identifying profitable value patterns to substantiate current trading indicators
4. Importance of riches administration
5. Setting up your trading platform optimally
6. Recommend and identification a very good dealer
7. The psychology cycle from getting into to exiting your trades
8. Dealing software program (preferably free
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Successful Video Commerce - Video Marketing

Selling Information Online - free article courtesy of

11 Nov 2012 08:34

It used to be that people went to the library when they needed information. Now they turn to the internet. Even with all the information already out there, selling information still provides an opportunity for anybody looking for a product that is easy to create and quick to bring to market.

Selling information can be done in a variety of ways. Often e-books come to mind when people think of selling information. These are books produced online that are designed to be downloaded immediately after the customer orders them. Newsletters offer another opportunity for selling information online. These are generally offered though a website.

Websites are also a source of selling information online. Through websites, selling information can be done in a variety of ways. Some websites offer subscription-only sites, where paid members gain full access to the site. Others give information about products they are selling and then provide a link to the product. Writers sell information to website owners when they produce website content. Adding affiliate programs is one more option for selling information.

Selling information online has several advantages over selling other items. Websites can be set up in a matter of hours. There is no inventory when selling information. If you are selling information in the form of e-books, there is no shipping involved. The ordering and delivery process is completely automated, and you can even sell products while you are asleep.

Search the internet for ideas. You will find a many people selling information on the web. Maybe it's time for you to join them.

Copyright © Cheryl Mustian

To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit:

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5 How to Quickly and Easily Create Your Very Own InfoProduct

Social Media and Your Business by Rich Ursini

10 Nov 2012 17:34

Whilst many people thought that the world of social media may merely be a fad, its importance and relevance in society today is undeniable. A day does not pass without hearing some mention of Facebook or Twitter, whether it is on the news or from a friend or colleague. In only six years the site has gained more than 500 million active users worldwide. Twitter receives on average 90 millions tweets per day. And the popularity of these sites is far from dissipating; in March 2010 Facebook overtook Google in winning top place for time spent on the website by users. However , the question remains are these sites nothing more than ‘social’, or are they a viable form of ‘business’ media?
Social Media And Your Business

A recent national survey conducted by Optus found that only 28 per cent of small and medium businesses (SMBs) are currently active in social media. In the same survey Optus found that over 50 per cent of SMBs not involved in social media believe that social networking is not appropriate for their industry. The survey highlighted that SMBs owners were ‘yet to be convinced’ that social media was worth the time and investment. go to top of bag.

Let’s cut to the chase, it would be unrealistic to say that social media marketing was right for every single business but it would also be wrong to dismiss it without proper thought. Social media is developing at an exceedingly fast pace, each week there is a new announcement or development: this week Facebook’s Zuckerberg announced a new modern messaging system, in the last month there was the big news about the partnership between Facebook and Bing that will return search results based on the Facebook “Likes” of the searcher’s friends and networks. This fast pace of development should not deter businesses from getting involved with social media, but rather view it as a challenge or adventure and get on board now whilst the majority of businesses are also still learning.
Social Media Is Not An Instant Revenue Booster

For any business it is vital to work out the return on investment when committing time, energy and money for marketing. However social media does not have a straightforward quantifiable return on investment, it is a tool that will promote your business, place it on people’s radars and build a larger client base. Thus the direct return on investment is much harder to calculate and will span a larger time period. You can however measure popularity for example by re-tweets, likes, followers and number of bookmarks. These are all indications of brand popularity that are then likely to convert to sales in the future.
Social Media Is Free Promotion For Your Brand

Social media provides your business with a platform to perform to potential customers or consumers. Your business can provide industry updates, links to relevant news articles or showcase new products, designs, releases. Whilst updates and content should not focus on selling, sharing information about sales, free coupons or more interactive challenges can work if used sparingly. For example: Are you in the area? The next ten customers who mention this update will receive a free coffee/25% discount/ etc .
Social Media Is A Relationship-Building Tool

This is a business to client relationship that does not centre around money, it is interactive and provides businesses with the opportunity to become ‘liked’ by customers or clients. You are able to increase your client base through visibility of being ‘liked’ by fellow friends, family and colleagues. Social media transforms your business into a live entity that can engage and communicate with its clients. You are able to test the market, gain feedback and engage your clients in ways much more complex than simply one-way sales or marketing.
Social Media Increases your SEO Progression

Social media link building increases your SEO rankings by creating fresh content and by building the number of links to your website. Both of these elements are valued highly by Google and are important contributors that help achieve top rankings. Search engines are increasingly giving weight to social media profiles in their rankings, search now shows the latest ‘twitter’ feeds and news articles are now being listed showing how many people ‘like’ or have shared the article.

How Will You Use Social Media In Your Business?

Social media is the future; its presence is far more than ‘social’ it pervades every aspect of our daily lives – on the news, on the T. V, on the radio, it pops up in conversations with friends, neighbours, colleagues, it is now part of work within business plans and strategies. This may appear overwhelming or daunting, but do not let this put you off: it is exciting, new and fast-paced.

If you want your business to grow and to evolve and to exhibit dynamism and innovation then embracing social media is a must. It should be viewed as simply one more component of your marketing and business strategy. Treat it like any other part of your business: with thoughtful time and planning, bestow care and attention to detail, handle responsibly and maintain focus and brand consistency in all your efforts. Social media is new and mysterious; herein lies the excitement, the opportunity to learn, and most importantly the chance be part of the social media revolution.

5 Tips To Growing Your Social Media Presence On Facebook, Twitter Engage and Respond.

Post regularly and always respond to answers or comments.

–Offer value.
Provide interesting and informative information and tips that are of interest to your clientele.

–Link Link Link.
All your social media accounts should be linked to leverage your presence on all of them, install sharing tools.

–Join discussions.
Get involved by reading and commenting on other people or companies blog in your industry, establish an online presence and reputation.

–Be creative.
Enjoy the potential of social media, experiment and play with its possibilities. If you don’t think it’s of value or interesting then don’t post it.

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How To Start Business At Home

Article Marketing - Build an Army of Backlinks for Your Website by ...

2 Nov 2012 07:49

Article Marketing is a cheap and useful way to drive traffic to your website, build backlinks to help your search engine rankings, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Building a website to promote your business is excellent. But without traffic visiting your site, you aren't really promoting anything, right? ‘If you build it, they will come’ does not work on the Internet… Not when you are competing against billions of other web sites! Until you start promoting your site, no one will be able to find it.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of methods you can use to get traffic. Writing and posting articles, often called Article Marketing, is a great place to start. Unlike many other traffic generating schemes, Article Marketing has worked since the beginning of the Internet, and will never stop working. Best of all, it can be complete free!

Articles work for you on many levels simultaneously…

- Your articles give you an opportunity to impress your readers with useful and valuable content. The more value you offer, the more curious readers will become about you and your products or services.

- The more high-qualtiy articles you write, the more you build your reputation and authority as an expert in your field.

- Each article you post will include a signature area, which is sometimes called a resource box. You can include links back to your website here. It can also contain a bit of biographical info about yourself, and/or a quick pitch for your site, product or service. Anyone reading your article will see the links in this section, and can click right through to your web site. And, as you write and post more and more articles, these backlinks will increase your rankings in the search engines.

- Your articles may be picked up from the article directories by publishers looking for great content for their sites. This will get your name, your writing and your links in front of even more people!

Start by writing an engaging and useful article related to your business market or niche. When your article is compelling and gives value, the reader will be far more inclined to click the link back to your site. Your articles must not be mini sales letters. In fact , the article directories will likely reject your articles if they are promotional or trying to sell anything.

Make sure to grab your readers' attention by making the content appealing and useful. It if isn't, the reader will not read it through, and won't click on your link. Your headlines, and when applicable your summary, need to be all the more memorable. Make these stand out to encourage people to click and read more.

Make sure your writing is original. Copying and re-posting an article which already exists will create problems for you. Search engines and article directories don't want to give their users a bad experience by returning the same content multiple times. They will double-check your writing against all the other articles they have indexed. If they find your content is duplicates other articles, the directories will rejectyour submission, and the search engines will not give you credit for the backlinks. Your readers migh also pick up on this which would make you look bad in their eyes. The idea behind article marketing is to build your reputation, not to hurt it.

Don't have time or the talent needed to write this much original material? There is nothing wrong with farming out the work to someone else. There are many services and writers you can discover through web searches who offer ghost writing services. You may be able to give them nothing more than a few keywords, and they will research and write everything for you. Additionally , experienced ghost writers often are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) practices, which they can incorporate into your articles, making them even more effective for you. Make it clear that you need completely original writing, and that you will be buying the exclusive ownership rights to these articles.

You can check to see whether your articles are original by entering them into the Plagiarism Checker at

Then post your article to the any directories you like. A web search on the keyword 'article directory' will turn up hundreds of these for you. Posting to the most popular directories will have a direct impact on getting your site indexed by the search engines and improve your search engine results page (SERP) rankings. Posting to the hundreds of other directories out there may not have as profound an impact on your traffic or SERP rankings. But having hundreds of backlinks out there which point to your site is better than having just a handful.

You can get hundreds of links from just one article. By writing just one new article per day you can have thousands of backlinks in a couple of weeks.

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Niche Profit Classroom Review - Worth Your Money ???

SEO: The Most Complicated Internet Marketing Technique

14 Sep 2012 17:11

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most popular types of Internet marketing techniques used in across the world. Many webmasters, or even just bloggers, have come to use the capabilities of SEO to increase the quality and quantity of visitors visiting their website or blogs. However , though very effective, many have said that SEO is one of the most complicated Internet marketing techniques used in the market today.

What made it complicated, particularly in today’s current trends, is because of the growing competition, in which almost all web development and marketing companies provide SEO services to their clients. Another reason why it became very complicated is because of the ever changing algorithms of search engines, which requires SEO specialists to upgrade their techniques frequently.

SEO of today

According to many experts, such as those from SEO Philippines companies, the SEO industry have changed so much since it was first used in Internet marketing. Many have even said that SEO specialists in the past had it easier compared to what the market has become a short span of time. One popular example of a huge change is the shift of using reciprocal linking to one-way linking.

Reciprocal linking

Reciprocal linking was one of the most popular techniques used in early SEO. It involves creating a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites to ensure mutual traffic. One of its most popular method is the use of three-way linking, which involves 3 websites linking with each other (this technique is still used in many SEO campaigns).

However , one problem faced by link builders in that time is that some webmasters, after exchanging links from other websites, would then remove the links in their websites without the knowledge of their linking partners. This would then cause their websites to achieve a one-way link without reciprocating.

However , according to many SEO Philippines experts, this method is considered a violation between websites. Because of this, a number of new techniques have been introduced to avoid this from happening. This is with the use of one-way linking techniques.

One-way linking

One-way linking is a technique which is much more effective compared to reciprocal linking. It is a hyperlink that points to a website without any reciprocal link; thus the link goes "one-way" in direction. Many experts consider this as more “natural” in the eyes of search engines compared to reciprocal linking.

Compared to reciprocal linking, one-way linking involves a number of techniques without having to exchange links between websites. One of the most popular are blog commenting, forum signature, as well as article marketing.

Blog commenting involves leaving comments in blogs or any other publicly accessible discussion boards with links pointing to a website. This technique has become one of the most popular link building technique used in SEO. Forum signatures, however , involves the It is a hyperlink that points to a website without any reciprocal link; thus the link goes "one-way" in direction.

Another technique, article marketing, has now become a very popular method used in SEO because these articles are known to provide high quality links to a website. According to many SEO Philippines experts, the more popular the article gets, the more quality of links it can provide to websites.

Complications of one-way linking in today’s market

Similar to what happened in reciprocal linking, one-way linking have also been abused by many webmasters because of its efficiency to create one-way links to their websites. Blog commenting and forum posting have been under attack by spammers, while article marketing have been duplicated to create more articles across the Internet with links in it.

Because of the ever changing algorithms of search engines, which have now detected the use of duplicate contents and articles, as well as the use of techniques which makes these links ineffective for many search engines, such as the use of the “nofollow” tag in blogs and forums or the use or redirection, SEO has become more and more complicated over the years, even for those that doesn’t use spamming techniques to increase their website’s relevance in search engines. Visit for more info

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Making A Residual Income While Relaxing At Home by Dave Nettles

12 Sep 2012 11:05

Making A Residual income While Relaxing At Home

People love money. But , people love easy money even more. As you grow older and start thinking about taking an early retirement, you naturally begin to wonder if you will be able to afford it. After all, you need money to live and enjoy the comforts to which you have become accustomed. But , where will that money come from? Do you have a way to generate income? Even better, do you have a way to generate a passive income without putting a lot of effort into it?

Today, with the internet, there is a cool home business opportunity for anyone that is willing to do a little research. Despite what you may have heard from your friends and family, there are truly people around the world who are generating thousands of extra dollars each month by taking advantage of these home business opportunities. At this point, you may be asking yourself what residual income means.

What Is Residual income?

The best home businesses are those that pay you over and over again for doing something one time. For example , assume you run a website where you give advice through articles. You charge people $10 a month to be a member of your site. That home business can generate residual income for you even though you are only writing each article once. Imagine having 1, 000 members of your website, each paying $10 every month! There are thousands of home business opportunities like this that can generate residual income for you.

But , what is involved to succeed in a home based business opportunity? How do you get into one of these opportunities. What does it take to make a residual income with your own home business?

What Does It Take To Succeed With My Own Business?

As with anything new, you need to spend a little time doing research into the wide variety of home businesses you can start. Because there are tons of great business opportunities available, you need to find the one that best suits you and your personality. Do you like reading? Do you like giving advice to others? Do you enjoy traveling? How about cooking? Whatever you enjoy, there is likely a way for you to generate a residual income while relaxing in the comfort of your home.

You may need to spend a little money to take advantage of some of these home business opportunities. Remember, some of the most profitable home businesses available require a small fee. But , when compared to the potential residual income that the business can generate for you and your family each month, the small fee is hardly worth worrying about.

So , are you interested in taking advantage of one of the thousands of home-based businesses that are available to you? Just one cool home business opportunity has the potential to generate more money in residual income than you made in your full-time job. Imagine relaxing at home (or traveling around the world) while your home business puts more money into your bank account each month than you earned with your full-time salary. It's time to start enjoying life as it was meant to be. Don't let the "old world" thinking of being a slave to the grind at your 8-5 job prevent you from starting your own home business and generating residual income for you and your family.

For more information on affiliate programs, questions to ask before joining and how they can earn you a nice income, please see:

★★★★★ Best Forex Trading Affiliate Program - etoro affiliate

Why Businesses Should Blog

21 Jul 2012 17:31

If your business could gain a direct connection to individual customers in the largest customer pool on earth, informing and relating personally to each of them through a medium centered on your business, wouldn’t that be great? Better yet, what if it was free of cost except for the time you invest? Not only is it possible, for many businesses, Blogs have proven to be one of the most powerful ebusiness-customer communication tools capable of producing just that. For this reason alone, at least considering a blog as a strategy for your business should be a priority. Communication and efficiency both stand to benefit.

Bloggers are often likened to preachers or evangelists, which compares favorably to the weak communication loops that are typically problematic between many businesses and their clients. Honest and balanced timely customer feedback can be elusive even with focus groups. The delay in a company reacting to a small problem may allow that problem to gestate into something much larger. Blogging is a savvy way to make up for input gaps from customers by allowing for real-time, voluntary responses from individuals who are enthusiastic about your business or field. This may come in the form of thoughtful suggestions or criticisms of existing aspects of your business that enlighten you to improvements, which you may never have considered. The connection between yourself (as the blogger) and your customers is comfortable and informal, allowing for a conversation that is personal and intimate. As a result, your clients and advocates can respond with no pressure with friendly conversations that you never would have had time for in person.

Business blogging can create buzz that is humanized with one tool and also boost the efficiency of your business in other ways. Insofar as marketing and advertising, a blog has several of the qualities of an internet campaign or other profile-booster. It can compliment (or even serve as) your website, which makes it easier for search engines to find your business. Blog service providers are constructed to be search engine-friendly, and the more sites your blog links to (or that link to your blog), the more traffic your website is likely to attract. Because blogs deliver all of the news of your business in a concise form, it can also serve as an e-newsletter, which can be subscribed to or syndicated with RSS. By making your business available on new syndicatable fronts, your business can attain a frequency and reach with a new level of targeting for business prospects.

Another aspect of the blog that many executives who have turned to blogging espouse is the self-examination of your business that occurs when you blog. The business blogger is compelled to crystallize, organize and define every aspect of the business, both for themselves and for others. In doing so, not only can your business become more refined, it can also “know itself” better. To compliment this, a blog can also be made to work internally (known as an intra-blog) as well as externally, operating as an inter-office communication tool that offers many advantages over e-mail. Best of all, by making communication readily available to anyone with an Internet connection, your business can position itself as a leader in its industry. Additionally , even if your business website is lacking (or if you don’t have one at all), the icing on the cake is that blogs organize information in a way that is easy to read and while remaining attractive to the eye.

Keep in mind that blogging is not a replacement for advertising. It’s a different kind of tool that requires a formal strategy. The good news is that being a great writer isn’t necessary because the personalized impromptu nature of a blog is an appeal to the culture itself. Blogging also does not require babysitter to work. To the contrary: the blog is a tool that is cooperative, intimate, and personal. Moreover, it can give your business the chance to build powerful trust-based relationships with your clientele along as well as endless self-promotion that go hand in hand.

Thinking about blogging but not sure what to blog about? Here are just a few possibilities:

· Use it as a forum to discuss updates on products, services of business activities, and solicit input from new and prospective clients.

· Kick around untested ideas that your customers might be willing to share insight.

· Replace your printed company newsletter or bulletin board with a blog that can serve the same functions. Share information on events, changes in your business, updates on special projects.

· Depending on the nature of your business, you might find numerous other ways to improve the efficiency of your business with a blog. Many universities, for example , now showcase a handful of student blogs on their websites to show prospective students a glimpse of what campus life is like – an effective and cost-free recruiting tool. You’ve likely also heard of the guy who used his blog to barter from a red paperclip to a house in one year.

· Blog about your business industry itself. Network with other professionals from similar businesses and learn from them – all businesses have their own experiences. Still looking for ideas? Consult the web's largest Business Blog Search Engine and Directory by Browse by industry or search to see what some of your competitors are doing.


Business blogging presents a great opportunity to tap into one of the largest communication networks at a fraction of the cost in maintaining a regular Website. To do it effectively for your business, blogging must become “center plate” even though initial rewards come slower and at the expense to traditional mediums. However , with invested time, the fruits of hard work will pay off in the forms of improved customer intimacy, priceless core industry knowledge, and brand equity just to name a few. Best of all, its free for the taking!

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Internet Marketing Company -How to become the HUNTED instead of the Hunter

7 Keys That Helped Me Leave the

20 Jul 2012 14:10

On Friday, Aug. 28th, 1998, I finally achieved what I had dreamed about and worked toward for some time.

No, cashing that week's paycheck wasn't what I had been keenly anticipating... Leaving a job I hated in order to work for myself full-time in cyberspace was the dream goal I had finally achieved!

The goal of leaving the "rat race" and calling the shots in one's own profitable business - online or off - is common to many people. At times it even reaches the point of desperation. Some waste thousands of dollars in an elusive attempt to reach it.

If running your own successful business is a goal you'd like to reach, I empathize with your situation. I'll share some tips in this article that helped me "leave the rat race" for my own online business, which may also help you.

Even if you've already achieved self employment, maybe some tips I share can help increase the profitability of your existing business, online or off.

Keys To Leaving The Rat Race

1) Being a doer, not just a dreamer.

One of my favorite sayings is: "When all is said than done, more is said than done. " It's easy to dream and talk about our goals, but we won't get anywhere until we take decisive action.

Before I built a successful online business, I did more dreaming and telling others about my goal than I took action toward reaching it. Finally combining my dreams with action, however , was the only thing that worked.

Caution: Don't confuse taking decisive action with making rash decisions. Temper your willingness to act with sound reasoning and knowledgeable decisions, based on sufficient research.

2) Effective time management.

Time certainly means money in the business world. The ability to manage your time effectively is an asset that can repay you many times over, in both your business and personal life.

Getting maximum productivity from your time is even more crucial if you're working a full-time job at the same time you're building your own business.

Back when I worked for an employer, time usually dragged by. Now I find that working for myself, time just breezes by and I often wonder where the time went!

At one point, I was making money in my own business while holding down my full-time regular job, but not enough to live on. Moreover, I needed more time than I had available in my spare hours to pursue things I felt would increase profits.

I then decided to cut back on the hours at my regular job, which my employer agreed to because he didn't want me to quit. This allowed time to expand my business faster and made the transition to running my own full-time business easier. If you can't or don't want to quit your job "cold turkey, " consider a similar strategy.

3) Knowledge of your field.

You don't have to be an expert in your business field when first starting out. You can grow as you go, but plan on keeping abreast of developments in your field. Do so long enough and you'll become an expert. You can also team up with others who have needed expertise you may be lacking.

4) Persistence.

Despite the hype sometimes used to try to sell "instant, lazy-man's way to riches" types of products, success in business rarely comes easily or overnight. Fact is, it takes persistent effort and plain old fashioned work. Be wary of promises to the contrary.

I empathize with those that must commute 5 or more days a week to a job they don't like. However , that can be a plus. It was a strong motivation for me to persist at my own business until I went full-time. Whatever your own motivations to persist may be, they will prove useful.

Tip: It will be much easier to persist if you select a field of business that you like, as opposed to pursuing something just for the money. Then your work can be fun, not drudgery.

5) Focus on presenting solutions, not just on selling products and services.

I'm a believer in the business philosophy of "succeeding by helping others succeed. " Focusing on helping clients solve their problems and achieve their goals through your products and services contributes more toward long-term success than just focusing on "selling" them products and services.

6) Self-discipline.

Now that my "office" is just a few steps away when I awake in the morning, it's easy to sleep in. With no boss to "crack a whip" over you as a self-employed entrepreneur, self-discipline is definitely needed. Since likely no one will see that things get done but yourself, you need to be a self-starter.

7) Marketing skills.

Regardless of what business you're in, marketing is the tool used to present the solutions that your products or services offer to the rest of the world. As the saying goes, in business "Everything is marketing. "

Marketing is a skill. And like any other skill, it can be developed through knowledge and practice. Entrepreneurs can never learn too much about successful marketing.

You, Too, Can Leave The "Rat Race"!

As more and more employees of large corporations have been discovering to their dismay, neither seniority - nor years of company loyalty - guarantee any real job security. In view of this, staking one's claim in the digital Wild Wild Web seems even more attractive.

Of course, there's much more involved in leaving the rat race than can be covered in this article, but I've shared seven of the most important keys to success.

No, leaving the rat race may not come easily, nor overnight, but it's certainly possible and can be well worth the effort. If followed, these keys can help you leave the rat race, too.

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Successful Video Commerce - Video Marketing

The Critical Aspects Of Social Media And Its Overall Effectiveness

19 Jul 2012 07:39

Social media has established a prominent presence as form of marketing utilized by companies in countless industries worldwide. There are a variety of inherent factors that can prove to substantially increase a company’s brand equity and visibility, or possibly victimize a company’s reputation. The way in which a social media strategy is implemented and monitored can go a long way in determining its overall effectiveness. Today’s market features a wide array of consumers who have certain expectations of brands, products, and services. Discontented and social media savvy consumers are simply awaiting any opportunity to voice their opinions via twitter, facebook, and associated social channels. This makes it even more vital for a company to thoroughly research and consider what methods of social media are most appropriate and beneficial to their needs.

There are a number of steps that can be taken in order to avoid the aforementioned social media disasters that occur frequently in today’s online marketplace. The first involves being realistic and properly understanding the relationship between conversations on social networks and other types of customer interactions. The next step includes utilizing a multi-channel strategy for customer sales and service. While social media is quite effective, interactions taking place at brick and mortar locations, on toll-free lines, and during online customer service chats are also very important in providing a comprehensive view of consumers’ opinions. The following step focuses upon viewing your data and evaluating the technology that is currently in place in order to understand consumer behavior and the voice of the customer. The final measure that can be taken to avoid social media disaster is to have a designated employee that specializes in the customer experience delivery chain.

A company that does not currently possess a strong presence in social media does not have to fear making a huge investment in social media. There are a number of low cost options that can be practiced to make that initial leap into the realm of social media marketing. Starting a blog about relevant industry news, trends, or intriguing applications of your product line is an excellent way to embark into the world of social media. Creating a LinkedIn group, facebook page, twitter account, a customers-only discussion forum, or a youtube channel can provide unique opportunities to present and inform users and fans alike of current company highlights and information.

The key to a company’s successful use of social media is all about the results and the ability to properly measure them. Industry analysts are publicizing self-service business intelligence as the so-called “golden child” of 2011. In terms of marketing, one area that could widely benefit from self-service BI is social marketing. There are a number of best-practices that can be employed in order to measure social media effectiveness using BI solutions. Mapping out the ideal marketing process flow that will best transform prospects into quality sales leads is an exceptional starting point. Another practice involves determining the online marketing initiatives and campaigns that will be implemented to attract and engage prospects. Selection of the appropriate outlets to use is quite important in safeguarding the effectiveness of these initiatives.

Each initiative that comprises the marketing plan must then have a pre-established audience profile, outreach, value proposition, and budget that you are willing to spend. The most appropriate set of keywords must then be identified to ensure optimal website content that is designed for those specific keywords. Identifying and adjusting paths on social networks, aligning the website experience with specific landing pages, and setting goals for desired actions are all best-practice techniques in order to ensure continuity. It is also vital to measure all of the initiatives that are being used at a given time to display your activity, outreach, engagement, and outcomes. An even more thorough approach includes tracking all the way through to incremental sales, revenue and gross profit that is derived directly from online marketing. Business intelligence allows insight at the appropriate times during your social media campaigns. It offers the ability to instantly alter campaign focus and direction. social media marketing can greatly benefit from the use of business intelligence as marketers can produce and exhibit greater value in their social media outreach campaigns.

How to Drive Traffic - The Holy Trinity of Social Media Marketing - Facebook

Stay at Home Moms and Dads; Let's Make Money from Home!

17 Jul 2012 06:08

I am always advised by some of my friends and relatives that I'd better to find a job and spend some time out of home. I really don't know why they advise me to do that while they are not happy with their jobs, getting up early morning everyday, taking the kids to daycare or leaving them with the babysitter and.... The worst part of their life is the money they make with their full time jobs. The luckiest one can have 10 bucks per hour after paying tax. They also have to pay for gas and other expenses that their cars have every month.

So what advantages does working out of home have for them? Why do they encourage me to do something that they are not happy with it? The advice I always give them is much better. I advise them to stay at home and let their kids grow under their nose. They don't know how pleasant it is when you see your baby takes his first step or says his first word. Most of them are used to hear these news from their babysitters.

You may be a mom or dad with the same issues and problems with your full time job. I don't want to ask you to quit your full time job right away, stay at home and think about working from home. I always try to teach people on my weblog and articles to be broad-minded and not to make any limitation for themselves. They can use their extra time they will have when their kids are slept or at the weekend to find some extra streams of income. Even if you don't need to make any more money and you are happy with your current income but sooner or later you will need some more money. Your children will grow up and there will be many new things that you will have to provide for them. So it does worth if you spend some of the time you are used to spend to take nap or watching TV on finding good ways to create some new streams of income.

But how to get started?

1- First of all please keep in your mind that I do not want to tell you that you will become rich by working from home in a few weeks or even months. In fact you have to avoid all the get rich quick programs. I emphasized on this because I know as soon as people decide to try a working at home business, they turn on their computers, look for a easy work at home job that fits stay at home mothers or dads. It is the time that they can be cheated by scammers. So this is the first thing that you have to take into consideration if you want to work at home and make some extra money.

2- You need to get organized for spending some time on this business every week. This is like other businesses. Only serious and organized people can succeed. If you are a person who starts several businesses and becomes interested in different things but gives up at the first steps or if you become interested in different things just because one of your friends or relatives calls you and talk about it for a few minutes and then you lose your interest even before trying, just because one of your other friends calls you and says she doesn't like it because of this and that, then you have to change yourself before you start a work at home business and become a stay at home mom (or dad).

I have been working from home online for many years. I could achieve to refer 22, 000 people to one of the legitimate work at home programs and teach them everything that I knew but only few of them could make money. Not that it was hard to do. It was not hard because I could do it and a lot of other people could do it before me. Just because they were not serious and organized. They had not made a serious decision. This is the most important step. If you decide seriously and then take action and don't give up, you will be able to become a successful stay at home mom who not only enjoys being with her family and children - and of course her children enjoy her presence at home - but can make reasonable amount of money.

3- Improve some of your computer skills. You don't have to be a rocket scientists to work at home but you need to know the basics of computer and internet. When you want to work online and through the internet, you will be dealing with these terms very frequently:

- website
- weblog
- web directory
- email
- link
- search engine
- search engine optimization
- electronic newsletter or ezine
- autoresponder
- forums or discussion boards
- internet marketing
- advertising
- email advertising
- banner and banner advertising
- pay per click advertising and pay per click search engines (PPC)
- joint venture
- link exchange
- domain registration
- web hosting
- auction websites; e. g. eBay

Do not scare if you have not heard about some of the above terms. They are very easy. Soon you will know that working from home and through the internet is much easier than what you thought.

Just open one of the main search engines like Google and enter any of the above terms that you are not familiar with. You don't have to learn in detail. Just the basics is enough for getting started.

4- After improving your knowledge, decide what you want to do to make money. There are zillions of ways to make money from home by using your computer. You will have main options:

- Sell your own products or services
- Sell others' products or services

Don't think that you have to have a factory for having a product which can be sold through the internet. Your product can be very simple things from candle, wooden cross and... to your articles, cookie recipes and e-books.

It is also as easy as 1, 2, 3 to promote others products and earn commissions. There are thousands of affiliate programs that you can join and become able to promote thousands of different products. Some affiliate programs pay as much as 75% commission to the affiliates.

Good Luck!


Copyright 2006 Judy Taylor. She is a stay at home mom who has been working from home since 2001. Visit her new weblog: Stay at home mom.

How to make money with Banner Ads - 4 Best Ways

Can Internet Marketing Be a Long Term Business?

17 Jul 2012 06:05

Here is the basic honest truth: most of the people get into internet marketing because they are convinced it is an easy way to earn quick money. Their approach is to make a fast website, put up some advertising and a few affiliate links and then sit back and watch while they earn real cash. There are a large amount of individuals who do this and also earn lots of money on the internet. But what if you want more than some extra or even quick cash (quick cash, naturally being a misnomer)? Can internet marketing really be leveraged to produce a worthwhile and long term career?

The quick and dirty answer is that yes, you are able to make internet marketing your long term and sustainable career. You only need to take on the project properly. The procedures and programs you use to build something to earn fast money are not all that different than the methods and systems you will use to build long term profits. So what would you do if you need to develop a sustainable career on the internet?

It is very important that the first thing you do, in order to earn long term money online, is accept the fact that you are going to have to do real work. You will have to do actual and real work on a daily basis and you will have days when you feel fantastic about what you do and days when you wish you could find something else to take on. This causes it to be just about like every other occupation that is out there. If you want to produce lasting cash flow by working lots right now and not at all later on then you are going to be in for a rude awakening in a little while. So be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

There are a few ventures that lend themselves much better to a long term career than others will. affiliate marketing, to use one example, is a great task for someone who wants to earn money on a part time basis or to supplement your already existent income. Is it truly possible to earn a full time income in this manner? You could if you pick out only the right products and then work like crazy to promote them. A far better approach, nevertheless, is to create your own products or websites and then promote those. This gives you full control over the projects you take on and how you accomplish them. And you will end up more likely to stick with it in the long run. If you want to give a service on the web this works much the same way. Writers, for example , need to create websites for themselves and create portfolios that they can point to as examples of their work.

Finally, perhaps the most significant thing that you need to recognize is that, when you want to build a long term and reliable income on the internet, you need to truly dedicate yourself to your task. You might have fun and feel rewarded by your efforts but first you should tell yourself "yes, I really want to do this. " Making a half hearted effort is not about to get you anywhere.

Billion Dollar(Niche Marketing)Secrets

Tips For Setting Yourself Apart From the Affiliate Marketing Crowd

16 Jul 2012 04:10

It's no secret there is money in affiliate marketing, in fact there is great money in affiliate marketing if you align yourself with a good company with good products.

The reason there are some failures and jaded feelings about affiliate marketing is because people don't think about what the very phrase means. There are two words to consider. Affiliate is a definition that comes to most people quite easily as it means "A person, organization, or establishment associated with another". Easy enough. The second part of that phrase is the one that will make or break your efforts to be a success in affiliate marketing.

Marketing. People think it means knocking on doors, making hundreds of phone calls, sending out thousands of e-mails, just to market your product or service that you're selling through an affiliate network. True, you are an affiliate of a company and you are selling the same thing as dozens of other people, how to you set yourself apart from the crowd?

Establish a relationship with your prospects. When you contact someone about the product or service that you're representing through your affiliate marketing program, your initial contact is not about making a sale or a fulfillment order, it's about establishing a relationship with your potential client. Setting yourself up to establish a relationship with your prospects takes a little preparation but it's not hard to do.

If you're marketing your affiliate program through cold calls, first of all, make sure you're targeting the right market. You can't build a relationship to your prospects marketing services if the person you're contacting has no base interest in your affiliate network service or product. Many affiliate marketers get discouraged because they feel every proverbial door is slammed in their faces. It's not that they aren't good sales people or they have chosen the wrong affiliate network to market, they have simply chosen the wrong venue to sell those affiliate marketing services to.

When you're marketing your affiliate program from your own website. First all, make sure there are no frames. You might as well be wearing Harry Potter's Cloak of Invisibility if you're going to frame a webpage. Your site won't show up in return results because it won't be indexed by the major search engines.

Next, throw out useless graphics, do you really need that dancing sack of money on your website? Screaming sales fluff words "It's the BEST" or empty promises to prospects mean nothing and quite frankly, turn most people off from anything of substance you really had to say about your affiliate marketing program. Instead, think about what you would want to know if you were joining an affiliate marketing program. Write your website as if you were speaking to one person only, the person that is reading your website at that moment.

You can build a relationship from the get-go through your website and e-mails by addressing common problems most people have. No one is looking to join an affiliate program because they have too much money. People want to join a legitimate affiliate marketing program because they need money for various reasons. Use that as a beginning for making a starting point in a business relationship.

On your website, tell a little about how the affiliate marketing program took you from a paycheck to paycheck existence and you can now afford certain luxuries that were your motivating factor. You wanted to take a vacation, help put your kids through college, buy a new car, or pay off your credit card bills. Think about the issues that originally made you want to get into affiliate marketing, there are a good majority of people that feel the same way and they all have the potential to be part of your affiliate marketing network.

Invite a dialogue with people. You can't have a relationship with your prospects without open communication. Tell people they can contact you and ask you questions and when they do, be friendly but remain businessnesslike. It's a fine line and you'll find it quickly. One successful affiliate marketer would answer his various prospects questions sent via e-mail and then always throw in something about the weather he was experiencing. Could be the snow on the ground, the drenching rains that would drown a duck or just the heat that made him wish for an ice cream truck from his youth. Just that one sentence made him more real to his potential clients. They would write back wanting more information and then tell him about their weather. It seems small and insignificant, but it's really huge. He was giving people a real person to deal with. Not an affiliate marketing program, not a faceless website, not the black and white text of an e-mail, but an honest to goodness friendly person they wanted to join up with all because he talked about the weather.

When you're using relationship based marketing for your affiliate program, you're not trying to create a best friend - you are creating an honest, trusting business relationship and there's nothing stronger. Studies have shown people will stick with an affiliate marketing program longer if they have a comfort level with the people they are dealing with. Relationship based marketing does exactly that.

Now that you know how to create a loyalty to your affiliate marketing program, use these tips to make yourself stand out from the other affiliates and boost your network base and your affiliate sales!

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tutorial AWESOME

Business Writing: Commonly Misused Words

14 Jul 2012 19:50

We use writing every day in business. Does your writing make you look more professional or less professional?

There are some words that are commonly used interchangeably, when in fact they have different meanings. Here are a few of the words that are frequently used incorrectly.

You're and Your:

The word "you're" is a contraction for "you are".
Correct: You’re a good friend. (you are)

The word "your" is used to imply possession or ownership.
Correct: Is this yours? (possession)
Correct: I like your new car.

Sale and Sell:

The word "sale" and "sell" are not interchangeable. Sell is a verb, used to show what the noun (person, place, or thing) in the sentence is doing. “I am going to sell this. ”

Sale is most commonly used as a noun, such as in the sentence "There is a big sale at the mall. "

Correct use of both words: “I am going to sell this shirt at a garage sale. ”

Too and Two:
The word “two” is the number 2 .
Correct: There are two flowers in that vase.

The word “too” usually means “also”.
Correct: I would like to swim, too. (I would like to swim, also. )

Prefixes Such As "Un", "In", and "Non":

Each word has only one correct prefix.

Correct: Unpleasant
Incorrect: Impleasant, nonpleasant

Correct: Irreversible
Incorrect: Inreversible, nonreversible, unreversible

A Lot and Alot:

The words "a lot" are correct. "Alot" is incorrect and there is never an occasion in which it should be used.

Good and Well:

Good is an adjective. Adjectives are used to describe nouns.
Correct: You are a good dog.

Well is an adverb. An adverb is used to describe a verb.
Correct: You are behaving well.

You wouldn’t wear a dirty shirt to a business meeting, so don’t let your writing make you look bad, either.

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Writing Quality Articles to Make Money Online

How To Start Forex Trading - Very Useful For Forex Beginners Who Have Low Budget To Start!

14 Jul 2012 18:50

Every forex beginner knows what is forex trading but the only one question for them is to how to start. As of now there are many tools, trading systems and software that are in use in daily trading. The big mistake that every beginner does is that they get tempted to the hype of forex trading robots or to some forex trading software and they start trading and finally end up with loss.

I am not against to the forex trading robots or to any software, but my point here is that it is not the right time to use a forex trading robot or a software when you are as beginner. We can use the robots and software at a later stage.

Here is a step by step plan on “How To Start Trading”. So let's start.

Plan For The First 15 Days – Phase 1:

Before you start trading you should always know the basics of forex trading and the terminology related to the forex market. This is not a big problem. If you goolge it, you can get lot information which you can't even digest. Or visit my website and subscribe to the free e-course in which you will be provided with all the needed knowledge and information on forex trading. At this stage nothing to hurry up, first finish off the basics of forex trading. Normally 10 to 15 days of time is really good enough for any average joe to be ready with basics. But we shall put it to 15 days of time.

Note: At this stage my kind request is not to get tempted to start real trading. Please do not start.

When you start learning basics in the first 15 days, along with it you also need to get register with any forex brokerage firm which is in this industry for a long time and very reliable. I suggest you to go for Easy forex Brokerage firm or forex Yard Brokerage firm as they are very reliable and the registration is completely free. After registering you can use their demo accounts for your practice and they will never force you to start real trading. So you can take enough time to practice on their demo accounts. Practice on the demo accounts as much as possible until you feel comfortable with them and this practice is really needed.

Be patient. There is still a long way for us to go and do not start real trading!

Plan for the Next 10 Days – Phase 2:

Now in phase 2, you need to learn when to start a trade by finding the entry points and also need to learn when to exit the trade by finding the exit points. For this you need to learn in depth of what technical analysis is and what fundamental analysis is. You can google them, but you cannot put them in an order to learn. If you subscribe to our forex beginner course, you will also be provided with free e-books on technical analysis and fundamental analysis at the end of forex basics course. I kindly request you to go through all of those e-books steadily, but do not hurry up. This is very critical phase which you need to concentrate a lot because this is the point where you exactly learn what is the real forex trading and this phase leads you to become a forex winner. To learn about all the useful technical analysis methods and fundamental analysis methods, normally 10 days is good enough.

Even now please do not start real trading.

Plan For The Next 15 Days – Phase 3:

The next 15 days you need to apply what you have learned till now and practice on demo accounts of either Easy forex Broker or forex Yard Broker.

Watch any of the TV channels such as NBC News, CNN Money, forex News Channel, etc which provides you the forex news. Now pick the points in the forex news. Now start co-relating the news with what you have learned in technical analysis and fundamental analysis and you need to find the entry and exit points for a trade.

Daily try to find at least 8 to 10 profitable entry points and exits points and start trading on your demo account. Make a note of all the entry points which have given you the profits and also remember the factors depending upon which you have derived that profitable entry point. Practice this for at least 15 days and at the end of 15th day you will be able to find at least 5 best profitable entry and exit points a day. Finding the best profitable trades is nothing but building a forex strategy for your trading.

So end of 40th day you will be in a position to trade forex on real account. Till now you have practiced the trades on a demo account so there will not be any involvement of emotions but once you start trading with real account emotions come in and they may lead you into loss. So you need to control your emotions and need to exit the trades as per your calculated exit points. Now you can go little advanced and try some automated tools such automated forex trading signal software which can generate the entry and exit points for you.

All the hard work in 40 days needs to be done by you as there won’t be any mentor for you other than yourself. Right now there are some online forex mentors who can mentor you such as FAP Winner as they are the best till now in mentoring the beginners. But they will charge you around $300 a one time payment. It is up to you to decide it or practice by yourself.

Commodities Market vs. Stock Market vs. Foreign Exchange Market | Forex Day Trading

Setting The Best Price For Your Ebook For Maximum Profit

9 Jul 2012 19:28

Choosing the right price is one of the most critical parts of the marketing process. Finding this right price will lead to profit maximisation

Your eBook has been written and compiled. Now you have to decide how much you are going to charge the public for the eBook. It is absolutely essential that you find the right price for your eBook. If you don’t charge enough, people will think it's of little value, and they won't purchase it. If you price it too high when compared with your competition, you will have to start lowering it, believe me this can lead to some big problems. For example , if you sell your ebook for $27. 99, and later reduce it to $22. 99, don't you think the people who bought it for $27. 99 are going to be a little annoyed.

Choosing the right price for your ebook is one of the most critical parts of the marketing process. The one thing you should never do is under price your eBook. You should first determine, what would be the highest price your potential customer would pay for your ebook, and then if it doesn’t sell, reduce it accordingly. Before you take that step, make sure you are promoting your book like crazy on the Internet and on websites. When trying to set the price always remember that the customer will rate the quality of your eBook according to the price. So what you need to do is start with the highest price and then you should start your launch and marketing campaign.

You must remember when considering your price, that eBooks are not hardcopy books. Let's look at the difference between a book in print and an ebook. A printed book is an object you can hold in your hand. It is priced on factors such as paper stock, design and production costs, and marketing.

It is the IDEAS that are valuable! That is how you determine the cost of your ebook.

What should I charge for my ideas?

There are all different formulas and methods for determining the correct price for your ebook. Decide if your goal is to get wide distribution and maximum exposure. This goal is aimed at drawing customers to your business or service, or to establishing the credibility of your reputation. If this is the route you want to take you should aim to price your ebook on the low side. This is an excellent pricing strategy if you are looking to acquire long-term customers. Long-term customers are extremely likely to buy from you again and again as long as the first ebook they buy is of exceptional quality and benefits the customer.

However, if your book contains valuable information and more importantly NEW information, references, or techniques, then you should aim to price it higher.

After you figure out your goal, you must figure out what your audience's need is for your ebook. For example , does your book solve a particular problem? If it does, and solves it in a way that hasn't been written about in one hundred other ebooks, you will be able to achieve high sales at a high price. If your book solves a problem or answers questions in a new and unique way, you should price your book as high as you can go. You will achieve larger profits this way, but bring in fewer customers. Just make sure the question or problem that your book solves is one that is important and relevant to the majority of your market audience. If your ideas are not common knowledge, or you are presenting a brand new technique, you will be able to sell books at a high price. Just be prepared for your competition to undercut you on price as soon as they hear about your book.

Marketing Strategies

There are several other strategies that can help you sell more books. One is to give something away for free with your book, such as a valuable bonus item. Or bundle several ebooks under one price, which lowers the price for each ebook if they were sold separately.

An effective technique for figuring out a price is to send out a survey to your current customers. If these customers have already bought an ebook from you, ask for their opinion in terms of price. Do this by creating a sales page for the new book, but don't include a price on that page. Instead, add a number of links to survey questions that ask pointed questions to aid you in assigning a price to your ebook.

Another strategy is to test out prices by creating a number of duplicate sales pages with different prices on each page. Make sure your sales copy is exactly the same on every page, and includes your selling-handle sentence. Then figure out for each page the conversion ratio between visitors to your site and sales of your book. This will tell you what your optimum price is.

Ultimately, if you've written a book that solves a problem or presents a new technique, your book will bring in both traffic and profits. So be sure to write that selling-handle sentence that sums up what problem your book solves and what the benefits of your book will be to the customers who purchase it. And then watch your market come to you!

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How To Automate And Outsource Traffic Generation With West And Tyrone

How to Get the Search Engines to Crawl Your Site More Often

6 Jul 2012 06:51

If you're interested in making your site more attractive to search engine crawlers so you can generate more free traffic for your site then you've come to the right place. The Google crawl rate is nothing but the total frequency with which their bots visit your site and index new content. Some websites go a long time in between crawls and this prevents new material from gaining valuable page rank. But you can change that by making your site more crawlable.

It's important to invest a little time and attention to optimize the photos on your site. Images that aren't optimized usually aren't good for the overall performance of your site in the search engines. It can also lead to a less than favorable crawl rate for your website. But the real question is how to get that improved crawl rate. You can do many things to optimize images like placing keywords in the name of the file, resizing images properly, and using captions that are designed to appeal to search engine crawlers. While these may seem like simple steps they can have a huge impact on how often your website gets crawled by the search engines.

You need to make regular updates to your site's content.

The problem with this is that this might mean one thing to you and something else entirely to someone else. This doesn't mean that you have to update your site ten times a day; just make it happen more often and you're good to go. Google has a deep appreciation for sites that add new information often and rewards that by indexing their information and updates faster. This is the way that Google uses to let website owners know they've noticed them and like what they see on these sites.

The most basic thing to do when trying to enhance your site's crawl rate is to submit your website's URL to Google. This is something that is quick and easy but effective. In fact , the more search engines you submit to the better your exposure will be. Additionally you'll want to check that you're getting the right header response.

Give Google what it wants and you'll have no trouble at all attracting those famous Google bots to your site every other day. These are all steps that are easy to duplicate and apply to every one of your sites for fast results. Most website owners have no idea how important proper optimization is for their websites. It only takes a little effort on your part to make your site more attractive to them but the rewards are well worth that effort.,,

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Small Business SEO

Is This The Perfect Network Marketing Business Opportunity On The Planet?

27 Jun 2012 16:33

Global domains International, Inc. is the worldwide domain name registry for all. ws (Dot WS) domain names. The product is an incredible $10 per month package that includes your own domain name, hosting accounts, and up to ten email accounts, plus an easy-to-use online web site builder that will allow you to get a professional looking web site on the web as quickly as possible. And the best thing is, you can try out everything we have to offer, starting today, for FREE.

If that isn’t enough everyone that signs up to Global domains International (GDI) has the option to join the business opportunity. Every person, group, and business introduced to GDI earns his or her sponsor recurring monthly income. They in turn sponsor others and earn commissions also.

The power is in the network marketing system. Let’s assume for a minute I introduce you to GDI. You view the 7-minute movie on GDI that explains the benefits of the product and the business opportunity. The movie can be viewed on your computer via the Internet. There is a DVD available as well but as I prospect globally I prefer to introduce the online version. There is also a more detailed 25-minute presentation.

Having seen the movie you decide it’s a great service and signup for your own domain. I earn $1. Not much I hear you mutter! Well, for a start that’s $1 per month for as long as you subscribe to your personal domain. Every paying member I introduce earns me $1 each month.

Now you introduce a new member. Now you earn a dollar per month and so do I from your member. These commissions are good for five levels. If I introduced three people and each member on each level introduces three people there would be a total of 363 people in my downline, which equates to $363 per month. OK, still not much and I would not be giving up my day job for that income.

So say I introduce 100 people and on average they all introduce only 3 people? Now we are talking. I now have 12, 100 people and $12, 100 dollars per month! There really are people earning an annual six-figure income from GDI. Anyone can duplicate this system and gain freedom from the drudgery of the 9-5 ‘proper job’.

The problem with most network companies is the drop out rate. People drop out because their chosen network is complicated; they have to by a truckload of product or it just too difficult to find interested customers. GDI is different it not only the most stable network marketing company around but there is no selling, no physical product to buy and people are clamoring for domain names and email. The domain business is still expanding at a phenomenal rate. Having a web site and personal email addresses is a great incentive for people to stick with the system.

Global domains International is without doubt the best network marketing opportunity available today. GDI is without doubt the perfect network marketing business opportunity on the planet. A visit to the web site costs nothing. Are you ready to change the way you live?

5 Easy Ways to Brand Yourself Fast

How To Write Good Emails

26 Jun 2012 16:36

Emails have become the default long-distance communication medium for many people. When you’re short on time and need to send a message that isn’t overly pressing, typing that message and hitting SEND gets the job done with little demand on either party’s precious time. As a result, email has turned into an often-used tool both for business and professional needs.

The sad reality, however , is that many people have taken email’s largely informal medium a bit too far. Too often, we find emails filled with serious grammar mistakes and horrendous spelling. While this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re writing to your mom, she’ll love you no matter what, it does create a different impression when you compose messages the same way when communicating with business contacts.

How often have you emailed potential customers with little thought behind your words? How many times have you unwittingly sent formal emails with plenty of misspellings and poorly-constructed sentences? Once you get used to the habit of talking on email like you’re writing on your diary, it can become difficult to change to a more formal tone when needed.

If you find yourself unable to break the habit, it’s time to begin composing your emails smartly. There’s no need to overhaul something you’ve been used to, either, as you can simply pass your message through a competent English grammar software before sending it on its way. For a few additional minutes’ investment, you can turn your hastily-produced email into a clear and professional piece of writing, allowing you to enjoy the same convenience without the negative repercussions.

Sending out an email to friends and want to give them a headache? Try committing these writing mistakes, all easily avoidable by using an English grammar software, that are guaranteed to leave their head spinning and cursing you to high heavens!

1 . Use Your And You’re Indiscriminately

One of the most common English language mistakes is also one of the most irritating. They will literally have to read the entire sentence (and sometimes the whole paragraph) in order to figure which one you’re really trying to say.

2 . Write The Whole Email As One Paragraph

Refuse to break down your long-ass email into paragraphs and leave your friends both straining their eyes to read it and mentally separating the sentences to make it give it a logical breakdown. Make your writing convoluted without even trying by simply doing away with paragraphs. Works like magic.

3. Use Lots Of Periods….

Add lots of periods at the end of every few sentences, almost like you’re introducing something unique, ironic or just plain different, even when you’re not. People love being led through……boring suspense.

4. Don’t Bother With A Writing Software

Since it’s just email, writing a mess that’s terrible enough to give your friends fits isn’t as inconsequential as when you’re writing for your job. So , don’t bother running the whole thing through an English writing software to fix it up and correct mistakes. Wrong spelling? Badly-formed phrases? Tired cliches? Let them thrive and make your friends cry their eyes out as they make their way through your message.

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How to Get Top Quality Content at Rock Bottom Prices!

How To Make A Fortune On And Off The Internet, With Classified Ads!

20 Jun 2012 20:03

Are you ready to make money-and lots of it? Can you spare a little time and just a few dollars? If you are prepared to fulfill your dreams and realize your goals, pay per click or mail-order classifieds are your ticket to success. You have what it takes-right now. Classifieds are the best dollar-for-dollar return in advertising, and you can earn a high profit on your product investment.

Classified ads are the easiest to write, the easiest to place, and cost the least to run. They require only simple follow-up, and bring in hundreds, and even thousands of dollars in sales. People read classified ads for a purpose. As with most advertising, they are specifically looking for products, services and information that appeal to them. And a well-placed classified ad on the internet (On PPC, Like 7Search. com, GoClick. com, Findwhat. com, Etc . ), or in Magazines like Home Business Connection, Money Making Opportunities Magazine, And Small Business Opportunities Magazine will bring in hundreds, even thousands of replies or orders for your product or service, week after week, month after month, year after year.

You don’t need a special background to make money in ppc advertising or mail-order classifieds. Any beginner can realize a steady second income or develop a stable, full-time business through classified ads. But you have to be persistent. You must want to make money and stick with it. If you do, you will find that being successful is easy-just follow the steps of those who preceded before you.

What Sells With Classified Ads?

Take a look at the classified ads in the above mentioned magazines, or just visit any of the ppc’s online. Just go to and you will see hundreds of ads, the same classified ads repeated day after day, month after month year after year. For every type of product or service. Why? Only one answer, the advertisers who are running the ads are making money, …plain and simple. And you can too! If you need products to sell, For Information Go Here: Or maybe you want to sell electronics and home appliances on EBAY, or Half. com? If you have a classified ad or ads you can make a fortune with products you can get at wholesale here: (And The Best Part Is You Don’t Need To Stock Up On Inventory, They Drop Ship For You). All you need is a good classified ad, even if you want to sell on EBAY.

The most successful type of mail-order product you can sell is information. You can design a classified ad tailored to your product or service and then all you need to do is wait for inquiry’s or orders. I find If you design a good classified ad, and then make it into a on-inch display ad, your orders increase tremendously. But specialized information in the form of ideas, money-savers or self-improvement can be easily produced on a low budget and readily SOLD AT A HUGE PROFIT. Check out the magazines I mentioned above. You can find out about advertising in these magazines once you finished writing your classified ad through

However , if you need a classified ad written for you, for your product or service, you can have it done within a few days. I am an Advertising consultant and 21 year copywriter specialist, specializing in Internet and Mail-Order/Direct Mail Advertising. I will write an order pulling classified ad for you for only $90. 00. Your ad will pull for years to come and make you many times The $90. 00 fee. If your interested in my copywriting services you can write to me at: Lamont Braxton Dept. A96, P. O. Box 331 Selden NY 11784. And I will send you my free information package on my copywriting services.

Just keep in mind, information in the form of how to make or do something is a constant best-seller. People are always looking for simpler, or cheaper or better ways to improve things. What can you offer?

The 2-Step Approach

The proven method of selling mail-order items of information is called the two-step approach. Here, you simply place a short classified or One-inch ad in any of the Magazines listed above or in a tabloid magazine for your product. The ad doesn’t mention price, but tells the reader to write for further free information. Once you receive the inquiry, you then send the information package you have to offer and watch the stacks of orders pile in. How Much? According To SCORE (Counselors To America's Small Business), Many First time, Mail-Order And Internet Home Business Entrepreneurs Make $50, 000 To $100, 000 within their first year of operation. The key is to start right now. Once your profits starts, you simply roll some of the profits in more, and more magazines, or on more and more pay per clicks. It’s simple, and being done every day. This is the key to making a fortune in mail-order or on the internet. So Get started now. You’ll be glad you did. © Copyright 2006, Lamont Braxton

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Using Ezine Advertising To Increase Your Website Traffic

Choosing The Best Content Writing Services Will Grow Your Business

20 Jun 2012 19:55

While the internet has been around quite a long time, content writing services are a bit newer on the scene. Originally, the internet was developed by the military in order to have a secure information exchange between commanders and their units. The internet is still the same in essence, it facilitates in information exchange. One of the only differences is who creates the content. In some cases, the site owners do, in many other cases content writing services do it for the owner at a price.

Content Writing Services and You

To some, content writing services seem like a waste of time, but for others it could be one of the best investments they make for their online presence. Content writing services are able to produce content, the main thing that most people go on the internet to find, and at the same time the professional content writing services are able to increase page rank in the search engines for their clients. If you have a website and are reading this information, then you probably already understand the important role that content writing services play in the scheme of things. You realize that content writing services can free your time of creating content to do other things to enhance your site, while the content writing services do the leg work for the information on your site. Chances are, unless you are a professional writer, content writing services will be able to provide a higher quality of content for your site than you can.

Find Quality Content Writing Services

You can probably find a company offering content writing services pretty easily. A simple Google search will provide you with a huge number of companies. Hopefully, you already realize that just because a company offers content writing services doesn't mean that they are any good at it. In the same fashion, not every touch screen phone is as good as the iPhone. Some content writing services are will waste your money and your time. Other, truly professional content writing services, can save you time and give you a great return on investment.

Cheap Priced Content Writing Services

Beware a company offering content writing services for ridiculously low costs. Chances are you will get burned if you choose one of these content writing services. Consider the following example: You choose a company offering content writing services charging $1. 50 per article produced. You contract them to produce 100 articles for you. You spend a total of $150. The content is poorly researched and badly written by the so called 'professional' company offering content writing services. Due to the poor quality, you don't see an increase in traffic to your site.

Now take a truly professional company offering high quality content writing services. Yes, they charge $5-$8 per article so you decide to keep to the same budget of $150. When you receive the articles from this company, while numbering only 18-30 articles, you see a huge increase in traffic to your site. This is because they really offer high quality content writing services. Just remember, not everything is based solely on price.

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How To Put An Advertising Portfolio Together

How To Make Use Of Cheap Internet Banner Advertising

20 Jun 2012 19:22

For years now, internet banner advertising has captured the World Wide Web for it has become a large help in saving an amount of money while reaching beyond territories. banner advertising played a major part in market trafficking all over the internet and many individuals and companies have bought themselves these cheap internet banner advertising. Some made use of it financially; others have no idea on what to do with it.

With your cheap internet banner advertisement, would you just sit in front of your computer and wait for people to notice you? Would you let your company get trampled by other company’s marketing strategies?

Okay, so you admit you bought internet banner advertising, but does that mean you won’t do anything about it because it costs cheap?

These following steps will help you get up on your feet and make your cheap internet banner advertising priceless. With these simple instructions, there will always have traffic on your website.

First, to be able to capture the attention of your target audience, your title and topic should be thought of with concern. You have to make the people believe that your cheap internet banner advertising is worthy of their time. The advertisement has to meet the audience’s need.

For the people to bring attention to your internet banner advertising, you should be able to raise the curiosity and convince the people. You should be able to deliver your products or services with strong words that may lead the target audience at deciding.

You should be able to constructs words on your advertisements that could lead the target audience that you are directly talking to them to give a sense of familiarity on your services.

As you persuade the people by calling for them and directing them to buy or entail your services, they give importance to your business proposal. Your cheap internet-based banner advertising will become one of the sought for ads there are.

Make sure to present your ads to the global community repeatedly to get them familiar with you and your services.

Always remember that having a website doesn’t mean it could sell products by itself. You must be sure to accompany it with marketing strategies. By buying banner advertising, you or your company would save time and money while achieving market sales. These internet banners advertising may come cheap, but it could lead you or your company to riches.

Banners On A Budget

How to Make Money Writing Online and Content Marketing

18 Jun 2012 03:15

Article writers using content marketing often overlook content readability when composing their articles. Writing articles online for money must not only consider motivating readers to buy a product. To make money writing online, authors must also provide readable quality content.

With the advent of Google's stated goal to improve a user's search experience, many websites and articles lost their coveted positions in Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs). It is now, more than ever, that quality website content writing is king. Writing online for money as a means of 'gaming' the search engines through keyword stuffing, article blasts to thousands of article directories, and weak, poorly structured website content writing are gone.


Readability measures the grade level needed to understand any document. There are several schemes that are used to determine readability. The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level is one of better known and most used measurements. Your content writing can be much improved if you incorporate this measure into your article writing.

Although it has come under criticism for its simplicity, Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level scale is still widely used and can give you an idea of your article's readability.

You can determine your article's readability with the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level scale which assigns a grade level to the written material. MS Word provides a readability statistics feature found under the spell check tab that determines your article's grade level reading score.

There are free utilities on the web that allow you to copy and paste your document and the utility will return the grade level score. There are others. Online-Utitility. org is one. You can find them with a 'free readability tools' search on the internet.

You can also use the Google 'more search tools' feature found at the bottom of the left navigation bar when doing a Google search and choosing 'reading level'. The organic results will show 'basic', 'intermediate', or 'advanced' reading levels for each of the page results.

Although, the results may not be 100% accurate, they do give you an idea of the grade level that your article or page is written at. It may seem that I am putting much emphasis on readability and quality content. It is important to note when writing for the web that the content be easily understandable by your targeted reader. You make make money writing articles online by targeting your reader.

Ideal Reading Level

If you dumb down your website content writing, the reader may feel insulted and dismiss your words. If your words are too pedantic, readers may accuse you of flaunting your knowledge. You may have quality content, but not readable by your targeted audience.

What is the ideal reading grade level? The answer eludes me. Many claim that the national average reading level is eighth grade and that article writers should write at that level or lower when writing for the web. I have yet to find any evidence to substantiate that claim or that you will make money writing to that grade level.

Studies have been conducted by various governmental agencies under the U. S. Department of Education and by independent private agencies on various aspects of literacy throughout the United States, but I have yet to find any authoritative data that specifically identifies the national reading average to be at the eighth grade level.

Adult Literacy in America

The study most often cited as the source of the eighth grade reading level claim is a 1993 study, Adult Literacy in America: A First Look at the Results of the National Adult Literacy Survey, by Irwin S. Kirsch, sponsored by the National Center for Education Statistics. You can review the results yourself at the National Center for Education Statistics.

However , the study does not specifically state that the national reading level average is at the eighth grade level. In fact , the study's committee "… agreed that expressing the literacy proficiencies of adults in school-based terms or grade-level scores is inappropriate. "

The study did survey levels of literacy skills ranging from Level 1 to Level 5, with Level 5 being the most difficult or the highest skill level. The survey did show that about half the population performed at levels 3-5 and half performed within the lower levels 1 and 2 .

SERPs and Readability

Nevertheless, if we accept the various reading level scales like, Flesch-Kincaid, article writers can improve their content marketing to more closely match the acceptance of targeted readers. In addition , Google and other search engines may or may not look favorably on the webpage or article and rank it higher than one that Google deems to be written at an inappropriate level as evidenced by the Official Google Blog

For instance, an article written at the twelfth grade level about building a tool shed may not be looked upon as worthy of Google's definition of maximizing the user search experience. An article on the same subject written at the sixth or seventh grade level might well fair much better in the SERPs.

On the other hand, writing an article on the Literacy Statistics of Migrant Workers at the fourth or fifth grade level would not fare well with academic readers and probably not with the search engines.

The point is that article writers should consider readability when writing articles. The effort does not need to be an all consuming effort. Readability can easily be checked with one of the tools I mentioned earlier.

Be aware of the end user. The more you comply with Google's goal of "providing the best user experience possible, " the more favorably the search engine will rank your writing for money efforts.

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How to video marketing with Video Traffic Academy

Learn how to write the articles that journalists really want...

16 Jun 2012 12:39

Why do some people make it as writers while others find themselves consigned to obscurity? One of the easiest ways to achieve "expert status" is to appear in print - but first you must follow the five golden rules that guarantee to showcase you as a professional...

The first golden rule is to understand that your story must be newsworthy and not merely a "puff piece". Copy that simply tries to promote an individual or organisation seldom makes it further than the dreaded journalist's spike! What constitutes a story? Anything that is unusual, noteworthy or simply interesting from a "human interest" perspective.

While it's likely that your headline won't actually make it into print (sub-editors need to be seen to do something to earn a crust) do bear in mind that it must grab the News Desk's attention and should preferably give an enticing indication of what the story is about. - The same also applies to your opening paragraph. For example , "Local Reiki practitioner Jane Smith made 20 pensioners jump for joy at the first of three special back pain clinics she ran last week... " packs much more of a punch than "Jane Smith, who is a Reiki practitioner, spoke to pensioners last week at a talk she gave on back pain. "

The second golden rule is to use a picture to tell the story, wherever possible. In the example above, 20 pensioners all leaping off the ground while waving their arms in the air would have made a great picture for a local newspaper (remember that for the local media, "faces sell papers") whereas as a boring photograph of people listening to a speaker would probably have been relegated to the bin (unless you're a celebrity).

The third golden rule when writing for the media is to ensure that you answer the key questions of "who, why, what, when, where and how". Your story will always feel more professional if you stick to the facts and leave out the "purple prose". Sprinkling your copy with lots of flowery adjectives guarantees you'll be recognised as an amateur.

The fourth golden rule is - unless you're writing a commissioned feature - is to make the story to the point, punchy and fairly short - say 350 to 500 words. Say what you've got to say and leave it at that. You can get away with doing some articles - but not all - as "tips lists".

The fifth golden rule is to write specifically for your audience. Press stories require that copy is written in the "third person", whereas material written for the web should be friendlier and feel more conversational. For the media, you'd say: "Local acupuncturists are this week lobbying their local MP... " but for the web, you'd write: "As an acupuncturist who works locally, you're invited to make your views known to our local MP".

1 Make sure you have a real story and not just a piece of self-promotion.

2 Wherever possible, provide a picture which sums up the essence of your story.

3 Answer the "who, why, what, when, where and how" questions in your copy.

4 Make the story short (350 - 500 words), punchy and to point, avoiding the use of flowery language.

5 Write in the right tone for your audience - in the "third person" for the media and more conversationally for the web.

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How To Write The Perfect Press Release - Condensed

How Turn Your Visitors Into Quality Leads

14 Jun 2012 05:20

Converting "Traffic" to "Leads"

There are many different factors that must be considered when developing a successful website and online marketing campaign. A few of the factors that need to be considered are the following- Graphical Layout, Web Design, Relative Content, Logical Layout, Exposure, and Non-Intrusive Lead Generation.

Below is a brief description of each of these factors and what to look for to determine if you have all these factors working for you.

Graphical Layout-

The graphical layout of your site would be the graphical details of your site working together to create the right mood and visual appeal. Photos displayed on your site should be crisp high quality images. Web surfers in general respond better to uncluttered sites with readily available information that they are looking for.

Did you know that the colors of your website have a huge affect on how your website visitors perceive your site and services?

Careful consideration must be taken when selecting the color schemes for your site. The color combinations that you use invoke mood. If you set the proper "mood" for your website you will increase the click through rates, visit durations, and ultimately the amount of inquiries you get from your site.

Web Design-

How your site is "put-together" is another important aspect of your website. The way your site is programmed effects site load times, picture load times, cross-browser compatibility, search engine optimization, and the flexibility that you have to update your website.

Did you know that websites with a load time of 8 seconds or more lose 1/3 of their visitors?

Sites with slow load times can cause you to loose your visitors as quickly as they found you. If you are selecting a website provider, ask for examples of other clients sites, take note of how fast their website and pages load.

Cross-browser compatibility-

Another way you can loose visitors, through poor programming, is due to browser compatibility issues. Having a site that is not cross-compatible means that some of the visitors that come to your site will not be able to view it if they are using some other browser such as Firefox, Netscape, Opera. Not considering details such as this can cost you a lot of lost traffic and revenue.

Search engine optimization-

Many of today's real estate websites lack in this area. Designers are creating elaborate visually appealing sites that will never rank in the search engines because they are just one big image, slapped together in Photoshop and placed on the web. In order to compete in the search engines, your web designer better have some knowledge of how to optimize your site. Your site should use actual text whenever possible, keep the text images to minimum. Images will increase your sites load times and search engines cannot not "read" the text contained within an image. Proper meta-tags should always be used, even though all search engines do not place as high importance on them, as in the past.


The simple fact is, most people who are interested in developing a website are not web designers, nor do they want to put forth the extreme time and effort necessary to learn. With that being said, it is important that every site owner have flexibility to access and easily make changes or additions to their website. Keeping current information on your website is the best way to keep visitors checking back to your website. Going through overloaded web designers to get the simplest changes made can become cumbersome and aggravating, as well as quite costly. Select a site provider that will give you simple tools to make changes to your website.

Relative Content-

We have discussed the visual and technical aspects of web design. The next big factor in generating leads from your website's traffic, would be "content relevance". One of the quickest ways to loose a visitor is to not have the information they are looking for readily available. The biggest thing you can do to increase the "viewing value" of your website, is to add detailed pages with multiple properly optimized photos. Content relevant to your sites theme will hold your visitors longer, as well as help you in the search engines for a wider range of keywords. If you are unable to easily develop a lot of your own content, RSS feeds are a great way to supplement fresh, new, constantly changing content to your site.

Logical Layout-

You can have tons of relative content, visual appeal, good ranking and still have horrible results because of a poor navigational layout. An overly complex site may make it difficult for your visitors to find the information they are looking for. Remember to K. I. S. S. (Keep it simple stupid). As a general rule it should not take more than 2-3 clicks to get to any bit of information on your website, from the homepage. If your information is hard to find, it is almost as bad as not offering it at all.


Simply put "no exposure=no leads". You can have the most elaborate and beautifully laid out website in the world, but if it cannot be found in the search engines- it's worthless. Always remember "visually appealing does not always = leads". A successful website is a delicate balance of all the factors mentioned in this article. Here are a few different methods of getting exposure for your website, to start generating revenue- natural search engine ranking, driving outside traffic to your website via marketing materials, pay-per-click.

Natural ranking is the most preferable method of exposure (and should be the main goal of every website). This is achieved through a website with proper on-page and off-page optimization.

Another way to expose your site is to drive outside traffic to your site thru marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, billboards, commercials, and signs. This can be somewhat effective, but is only suggested to supplement the visitors you should be getting from your natural search engine results.

Pay-per-click is a good way to drive immediate traffic to your website, supplement your natural search engine rankings, as well as target smaller keywords and less popular searches that your site may not be optimized for. Always start off slow with your pay-per-click program, so that you can "fine tune" your cost-per-click, as well as make sure your generating enough revenue from your site to justify paying for clicks.

Lead Generation-

You can supply the information, generate traffic, hold the traffics' attention, but that does NOT create a lead for you. The simple fact is, generating leads is more than just supplying a phone number or e-mail address on the home page of your website.

Websites can be the perfect platform for generating information requests, offering free value services, and offering a variety of other information requests where your visitors expect you to contact them. Slapping your visitors in the face with an "insert your e-mail here" form on every page is a poor way to generate leads. Well developed lead generation tools are non-threatening devices, and will not run off your visitors. They are simply another page of your site that allow your visitors to request services or information.

It is important that you make an informed decision when choosing a website company. Choose a company that will get all the factors working for you.

Jeremy Futch
VP/Marketing Director
Real Estate Websites

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Search Engine Optimization

How To Create Residual Income With E-books

13 Jun 2012 13:27

Electronic books, or e-books, have been used as an internet marketing tool for several years. Electronic books can be purely informational or they can have a sales message that promotes your product or service. The many benefits of using electronic books for internet marketing include becoming known as an expert in your field, having a product that attracts visitors to your site, and having something you can give away to new subscribers or customers. In addition to providing your customers with solid information, e-books can also be used to create residual income and boost your income over time.

What is residual income?

Residual income is income that continues to flow even after you have already provided a product or service. The simplest way to think of residual income is “do the work once, get paid forever. ” Residual income used to be limited to just a few professions such as voiceover artists and musicians. Each time their songs or voice tracks were used in commercials or at events, these professionals were paid a royalty. Now that Internet and in particular marketing on the internet is so popular, you can earn residual income by selling products that can have automated sales.

What is an electronic book?

An electronic book is a short book containing information or a sales message that can be used in a number of ways. You can use these e-books to create awareness of your brand, provide an added incentive for visitors to stay at your site, as a giveaway to provide added value for customer purchases, sell valuable information on a particular topic, and to distribute as a free gift with sign up to your newsletter or members only area. These books are usually done in PDF format, but there are software programs that can create books that have turning pages like a real book.

How can I use electronic books to create residual income?

Writing an electronic book may be time consuming, but once the book is written, you can set it up so that the sales and marketing are automated. This means that the time you spent writing the book and setting up your sales systems will continue to pay off again and again. In order to make the sales process automated, you can hire someone to market your e-book and take care of sales. Or, you can save yourself some money and purchase a software program that will allow you to sell your book even when you’re fast asleep.

These software programs make it possible to accept credit card payments and have each customer download your e-book as soon as the payment transaction is complete. Not only does this allow you to make money while you’re sleeping, it also increases customer satisfaction. People love instant gratification, so being able to pay and immediately receive the book download is an added bonus and a great customer retention tool.

These are known as “shopping carts” and many of the great ones have additional features like, auto-responders and an affiliate management platform. Yet another way to create residual income with an e-book is to embed your e-book with affiliate links. If you don’t have any additional products to sell you can make even more monthly income by adding links to affiliate programs that you belong to in order to sell other products.

So…not only did you just sell your own e-book but you now have other income opportunities embedded in your ebook.

How can I get started with using e-books to make residual income?

If you’re not a writer, you can find a freelance writer to develop an e-book for you before you market it as one of your products. Marketing can be accomplished with your web site, affiliate marketing, and special promotions. Once you have your book and marketing plan ready to go, you can set up an automated sales program so that you can start building residual income that will continue to grow as your sales increase.

Copyright 2006 Rasheed Ali

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